Karate Kai Scotland


The Karate Kai Scotland was founded and constituted on the 8th February 2009 by Sensei Billy Haggarty (Kokusai Karate Kai), Sensei Bobby Morton (Ardeer Karate Club) and Sensei Graham McCann.


Following a lengthy period of discussion, debate and consideration, the three senior instructors decided to form Karate Kai Scotland as they were concerned that membership of their association at that time was no longer meeting the needs of the club members. The clubs who formed the Karate Kai Scotland officially resigned from Baska Karate on 4th March 2009 and sought (and subsequently obtained) membership of the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB) in their own right.




One of the fundamental principles of the Karate Kai Scotland is a policy of non-interference in the day to day running of member clubs. Whilst member clubs are required to adhere to the requirements outlined in our constitution and those specified by the SKGB, the member club is responsible for making decisions in relation to such things as :



     Setting and reviewing of Kyu grading fees. 

     Setting and reviewing of membership fees. 

     Setting and reviewing training fees and frequency of training sessions. 


    Participation in competitions, courses and other training sessions.



    Publicity for member clubs.





The affairs of the association are conducted by a Management Committee which shall consist of both Voting and Non-voting Members. Voting members are the chief instructors (or their representatives) from each of the association’s member clubs. The Karate Kai Scotland Office Bearers are outlined below :



    Chairperson - Matt McLauglin.



    Treasurer - Bobby Morton.



    Secretary - Billy Haggarty.



    Child Protection Officer - Laura McKinnon



    Chief Referee - Billy Haggarty.




Karate Kai Scotland does not have a designated Chief Instructor. Instead, the association will have a group of Senior Instructors, i.e., members who hold an SKGB Ratified Grade of 4th Dan or higher and a valid SKGB Coach's Licence.


Our Senior Instructors are :

Sensei Bobby Morton, 7th dan

Sensei Billy Haggarty, 6th dan



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